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I love this beautiful piece of art!! I will definitely buy another. It is so well made and it makes me so happy looking at it! I bought it for me but my husband loves it too. We are thinking about what a great present this would be for a special somebody. I’ll probably do that and have it engraved next time. Thanks so much for sharing your talent ❤️

glass kaleidoscope

If you want an exquisite gift that will last for a lifetime and become a family heirloom, invest in this uniquely crafted brass kaleidoscope! The jeweled array of designs and rich colors are ethereal... there is nothing to compare with these illuminations except seeing the Rose Window at Chartres Cathedral and medieval stained glass windows in Europe. I gaze into this exquisite time piece every morning to get my daily "fix" and am immediately transported to other worlds. While I have never used psychedelic drugs (or even inhaled!), this is a trip that will allow you to time travel into a celestial universe of a myriad of colors and shapes and become bedazzled.

brass kaleidoscope

Such a beautiful and precious object. I bought this as a birthday gift for my partner, and I thought that after the first days of excitement, the kaleidoscope would just sit in the room - mainly untouched. However I've found that I like to pick it up often, and the friends that visit us love it too! I also absolutely love to wear my teleidoscope necklace. This is wonderful craft, thank you so much.


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