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Giant Extra Wheels Kaleidoscope


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Two different shaped and colored wheels are positioned opposite the set of mirrors, and by turning the wheels infinite new reflective images are created. The wheels can be moved to find specific shapes and colors. This model is a favorite with designers and artists used as a toy and as a working tool for design and inspiration.


 ✦ This model comes with two spare wheels, and a wooden stand. then it is possible to exchange the wheels for other colorful visual patterns.

✦ Size: 25.5 cm long (10 inch), 4 cm dim

✦ 3 mirror system 

✦ Gold brass


Hand Engraving

► 12 words maximum ►

✦ All models can be custom with hand-engraved: names, quote, etc'✦

If you choose Engraved kaleidoscope ► Please make sure you send me your engraving request!


If you choose your kaleidoscope to be engraved:
After you add the item to your shopping cart, please write your engraving request in the ORDER NOTE. Please note to add an engraving request of up to 12 words only!
(I can not engrave more than this because it will be too crowded on the kaleidoscope).

The magic in handmade

A traditional creative process

Each part of the kaleidoscope, undergoes different processes which ultimately creates a unique model

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